Saturday, December 23, 2017

Is Kilroy Worth It?

I just recently got back from a vacation in the Philippines so I just now caught the tail end of the craziness surrounding the Kilroy Event.  I'm feeling a weird mixed bag of emotions about it and I'm not entirely sure what to say.  But, being someone who paid the $250 for the 'ultimate package' and making not just one but two blog posts promoting it, I guess I'm somewhat obliged to say something.

I'm not going to 'brutally attack' anyone for their opinions of the event. Everyone has their own reasons for feeling that way.  Tim Pool's experience is quite an eye-opener though.

Yeah, those contracts Tim talks about seem rather puzzling to me.
 They kind of have that 'insecure girlfriend/boyfriend' vibe to them in a way.  Just like the gf that insists "I SAW YOU CHECKING OUT HER BUTT!!!" or the bf that shouts "OOOOOOOH!!! SO YOU AND JIMMY ARE JUUUUUUUUST FRIENDS!!! REALLY???!!!", these contracts seem to be insisting, "YOU'D BETTER DAMN FUCKING WELL TAKE THIS CONFERENCE SERIOUSLY WITH NO BACKING OUT OVER SOME 'SCHEDULE CONFLICT' BULLSHIT!!!"  That's my interpretation anyway.

I'm also not too thrilled with the stifling of guests' speeches that lean more to the 'alt-right' or whatever term they prefer.  Maybe the organizers want to cut down on the inevitable Antifa violence, but that's not a good way to go about it.  Free speech means free speech for all and it should definitely remain that way for a Free Speech convention.  Like it's been said elsewhere, sunlight is the best disinfectant.  All views need to be put out into the world so that they can be challenged with debate and such.  Stifling any ideas is unconstitutional, undemocratic, and highly dangerous.  Those bad ideas will just fester underground which could manifest themselves in very destructive ways.
I know good ol' Dickie Spencer has expressed interest in speaking at this event.  I know he's, shall we say, the opposite of popular with many people.  But I think I thought of a solution that could please everyone, even the most adamant Antifa thugs.  Two words: dunk tank!  Let Dickie spout his views from the security of a dunk tank where nobody can physically hurt him, yet at the same time everyone has a great opportunity to release their outrage with him.  I see the price going as follows:

Ask Dickie a question: $2
Get 3 Balls to Throw at the Target: $3 (so $1 per ball)
1 question and 3 balls: $5

See, that could be fun for everyone.

But, in fairness, I'll let one of the event's organizers, whose youtube name is "Based Mama", tell it in her own words in her video embedded below.

So there we go. I went all "Trump on Charlottesville" there and presented both sides.  I'll let everyone reading this decide for themselves who's "Ghandii" and who's "Hitler" in this scenario.  My biggest concern about this event mostly involves me and the decisions I make for this day forward.

This blog post I'm making is meant to answer the question in the title: is the Kilroy Event still worth attending?

Like I said at the top, I paid the big $250 to help get this event going. However, I still have yet to book a flight and a hotel room in Phoenix, so my commitment isn't entirely 100% yet.  I figured I would deal with this event after my Philippines vacation first.  But now that that's happened, I can wrestle with this Kilroy situation more.

So, the question remains, do I think it's worth it to attend Kilroy and will I be going?  The answer to both questions is: YES!

I know lots of big speakers who were scheduled to be there have pulled out which looks very bad. However, I still think it will be a rather sizeable event with many people in attendance.  That's still an ideal environment for the self-promotion intentions I have going into this conference in the first place.  I can still schmooze with people and promote my book whenever and wherever possible.

Also, Andy Warski announced on his channel that even though he very angrily pulled out of Kilroy, he still intends to be in Phoenix to organize a pub crawl of sorts.  He'll do that to benefit anyone who paid good money to see him speak there.  I would gladly attend both Kilroy and that pub crawl.  That's just as good a place to promote my book as any. In fact it might even be a better venue for that.  So that's another good reason to be in Phoenix on April 21 & 22.

Another good reason for me to stay optimistic is that there is still time to turn this around. It's still just a few months away. There's plenty of time and opportunity for others to get involved and help make it a success.  Remember, this was inspired by the censorious nature of other conventions like the one experienced at VicCon last June.  Kilroy is supposed to be a huge piece of artillery against this climate of censorship.  Don't let our stealth bomber deteriorate into a slingshot.  Don't just sit back and watch it burn, dig your heels in and do something.  Just because they've "lost Faith", it doesn't mean we have to.

You saw what I did there I'm sure.  Should I have done that?  Well, it's too late now.

So anyway, that's my assessment of the whole Kilroy situation.  Whether you plan on attending, or just want to heckle and meme from the sidelines, it's all cool.  Whatever happens, it will be an exciting weekend destined for the history books.

See you Keks there or whatever.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Statues Coming Down

Well, it's happening.  After the violent clashes at the 'culturally carcinogenic' events in Charlottesville, people all over have been either demanding that statues be taken down or have physically taken them down themselves.  Of course, since that Charlottesville rally was originally set up to stop a statue of General Robert E. Lee from being torn down, the biggest target of these people has been the many Confederate statues that stand all over America (especially in the southern states of course).

My overall opinion of this movement to take down these statues is that I'm................. torn.  Yes, I know. You'd think that a free speech advocate such as myself would be 100% against these statues coming down.  I'm basing this point of view on looking at a bigger picture.

For instance, when the communist system in Russia was dismantled in 1989, so were many statues of Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, and other icons of the USSR.  Lenin's dead body was moved from the glass coffin used to put him on display into a proper grave where he can be buried among the rest of the 'proletariat'.  This was done to signify that Russia was no longer under the communist system of those men.

Another big picture example I'll bring up is the big invasion of Iraq back in 2003.  The big signifier that their 'mission had been accomplished' was that a huge statue of Saddam Hussein had been brought down.  The same people fighting the hardest to preserve confederate states today, back then had no problem seeing that statue go.  There was no cry of "but what about Sunni history?" or "wouldn't Saddam's sons Uday and Qusay be traumatized seeing this image of their father being destroyed?"  Just like in Russia, the statue coming down signified that Iraq was no longer under Saddam's iron-fisted rule.

If it were up to me, I would not even demolish those statues just for the sake of preserving the principles of free speech, free expression, and preserving history.  However, what's done is done.

I was not present at the induction ceremonies for any of the Confederate statues, so I have no idea what the true intentions were in erecting them in the first place.  Maybe some were put up as a desperate attempt for 'proud southerners' to show everyone just who rules that respective county they're in.  But some might also have been put up as a way for Americans to never forget any aspect of their history, good or bad.  
There's also the matter of freedom of expression for the original artists who made those statues.  However, many of the artists I'm sure were simply commissioned to make these.  They may not have had any sentimental attachment to figures like Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson.  Their sole intent was simply to make some quick money by creating monuments of other people's heroes.  So, for that reason, maybe the artists would feel indifferent to their statues coming down.  Their attitude might just be "I made my money and people saw me display my talents so ti's all good."

I should also mention that I do not have any affection for the alt-right in any way.  One of them called me a "race traitor" for having a Filipina wife.

So, as you can see, I couldn't care less about the hurt feelings of these 'hoodless klansmen' as they watch their heroes come tumbling down.

One big aspect of this movement that i strongly do NOT care for is the mob justice that's tearing down these statues.  That is never a positive trend.

One of the writers for The Simpsons once said that "the town of Springfield is constantly under mob rule".  As most people should know, pretty much every episode of The Simpsons is a satirical allegory of our world and all of the ridiculous people in it that make it so ridiculous.  If you've ever watched an episode seeing the residents of Springfield make complete asses of themselves in a crazed riot and thought "BWA HA HA HA HA HA! I'm glad that I'm not that stupid", then you should be just as appalled by the mobs tearing down and/or vandalizing statues right now.

As a free speech/free expression advocate and an artist with two self-published comic books, I do feel that creativity is healthier and is much more productive than destruction any day.  I say we should follow the example of whoever put that little girl statue in front of the Bull of Wallstreet statue.  Rather than tearing down these statues, there should be other statues added beside them.  Perhaps the descendants of the late Alex Haley could commission many statues of Kunta Kinte breaking his chains in front of every single Confederate statue in the country.  There could also be a statue of Harriet Tubman behind each one as well, singing her songs to guide the slaves to freedom out of the sight of the confederacy.  That is a more positive movement I could get behind.  Just a suggestion.

I'll end this post with a bit about a statue that has been stirring up a similar controversy in Canada: the statue of British General Edward Cornwallis.  This statue that stands in Halifax has been protested and vandalized many many times, most adamantly by the Miqmaq Indian tribe.  Well, he does have a rather brutal history with the Miqmaq for sure.  Back in his day (the 1750's), the French were paying the Miqmaq Indians for every British scalp they could get.  Cornwallis didn't care for this turn of events of course.  However, his solution to this was the completely exterminate every single Miqmaq Indian there was, and he wasted no time in doing so.
But, at the same time, Halifax has to honour him because he is the man who founded that city.  It was his leadership that made Halifax the thriving heart of the maritimes that it still is today.  So, to balance the good and bad parts of this man's history, city officials have said "this statue simply honours the work he did to make Halifax what it is. We do not honour the full man."

So there you have it. I have presented many different arguments for tearing down, building up, and/or preserving statues.  Do with this espousal of postulation what you will.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

I Finally Saw the Estrogen-Fueled Ghostbusters...

...and yes I will be offering my analysis of the movie waaaaaaaaaaaaaay later than everyone else.  Ya ya ya, I know pretty much the entire world has forgotten about this movie and are all focussed on Star Wars VII Rogue One at the moment, but since I gave my analysis of the trailer when it came out I feel obligated to give my 2 cents about it as well.  Plus, I wanted to wait until I actually saw this movie before I said anything about it's quality because that's the fair thing to do.  I finally got the opportunity to view it while on the plane trip to the Philippines to marry my fiancee, so now my critique should have that much more integrity because of that (that is how blogging works, right?)

OK folks, here it is.  I'm about to give my overall opinion of this movie.  Will it be favourable or not?  Will my thumb be up or down?  Will I make an enthusiastic 'yay' or a very crestfallen 'nay'?  Will the egos of Paul Feig, Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones (and anyone else who worked on this film in some way) be stroked like a kitten that's a symbol of an erection or OBLITERATEEEEEEEEEEED  like a kitten in a war zone (also a symbol for an erection).  It could go either way at this point.  I could shine my light of positivity or I could cast my shadow of negativity.  The very tone of my analysis of this movie (as well as the tone for the rest of this blog post) all rests on the very opinion I'm about to speak.  It's taken 5 months to make it to this moment and now here it is.

My official opinion of Ghostbusters 2016 with four female leading characters is...........................

a satisfactory 'meh'

It wasn't close to anything great, at many times it wasn't even good, but it was also not the pile of festering garbage that too many people made it out to be either.  In that airplane seat, I clicked that watch button expecting to cringe like it was 'A Rusty Old Rake Being Scraped Against a Chalkboard In a Room Well Below Freezing - The Movie'!  I anticipated my brain climbing out of my head, grabbing the flotation device from under my seat and then jumping out the window with it at some point after the first 5 or 10 or 15 minutes.  But thankfully none of that happened.  To my surprise and delight, I found this movie to be a relatively nice way to spend 2 hours.

Truly, the mind-numbingly stupidest aspect of this movie was all of the hype around it fuelled by the perpetually offended and egged on by the film's director.  I think the Nostalgia Critic satirized that the best in his review so I would like to embed that below right now.

I personally prefer to focus on the movie itself and all of its merits.  That's all I'm interested in anyway.  I don't give two tosses what the SJW or MRA crybabies think.

First I'll talk about all of the good that I saw in this movie.  In my assessment of the trailer, I anticipated that the four women starring in this movie would pull off enjoyable performances and in my opinion that was indeed the case.  The standout performance for me was Kate McKinnon.  She was fun to watch in every scene she was in, whether she was moving all over or just standing there in the background.  I could watch her all day.  My favourite performance of hers was when she was working on one of her ghost-catching contraptions while dancing to El Debarge's song Rhythm of the Night.  That was fun to watch.  Like many people, I was left rather puzzled by a few of the jokes in the trailer involving Kate such as that 'wig surprise' scene and her licking the guns before shooting them.  But, like my attitude was for the whole movie, I didn't want to officially label them as awful until I saw the full context for those jokes.  Now that I have I can see that those jokes do make more sense.  Kate character Holtzman is a rather socially awkward mechanical genius who does weird things and makes weird gestures on a spur of the moment without giving even one care about whose eyebrows were furrowed together.  Upon learning that aspect of her character, those jokes weren't so puzzling anymore and I was satisfied.
Both Kristen and Melissa did their usual brilliance.  I'm sure none of this material was in any way a challenge for them so wasn't blown away by them at all.  They simply showed up, took their roles seriously and held up their end of the movie.  A job well done.  I also enjoyed Leslie Jones performance.  She was essentially being herself, but she is such an overwhelming presence that she couldn't (and shouldn't) possibly hide it.  More than an actress, she is one that gives a definitive persona like John Wayne or Mr T.  She's one of the lucky few that can make a living just showing up and being herself.  For that I applaud her.
Since I'm talking about Leslie, I would like to take this time to address my take on the craziness that happened with her and Milo Yiannopolis on Twitter.  In my opinion, both of these people are total badasses who deserve all of the respect.  At the same time, I also feel that both behaved rather shabbily during that whole twitter debacle.  Also at the same time, neither of them deserved even a minute fraction of the hate and/or punishment they received because of it.  For Leslie, I can understand that being compared to a gorilla is not a pleasant experience whether it has racial connotations or not.  But at the same time she should know that the internet is full of roguish goblins who use anonymity as a cloak to carry out nasty deeds onto unsuspecting mortals.  No matter what words or images were presented, it's important not to give in by getting upset.  That's what they want and that's how they claim victory.
As for Milo, his mistake was starting his trolling at a less than ideal time.  He jumped in and tweeted at Leslie right at the peak of all of the shitposting and therefore Jones was at the peak of her emotions running high.  If he had realized this and maybe come back at a less hectic time, the situation would not have escalated as much as it did and maybe he would still have his twitter account.  Yes, @jack absolutely overstepped his bounds when he banned Milo from twitter over this.  And at the same time, Leslie did not and DOES NOT deserve any of the hate brought upon her for this situation.  When emotions run high and out of control, people say all sorts of crazy things they don't mean.

I'd also like to address all of the people who attacked Jones on twitter in the first place.  Yes, I know you were upset about this female Ghostbusters and you have every right to be.  You also do indeed have every right to express that anger.  However, simply harassing Leslie Jones is not a practical solution.  She was just one actress in that movie.  Concentrating all of your energies on her is like using all your knights, rooks, bishops, and queen to take out one little pawn in chess.

Really, following the advice of "don't like it - don't watch it" is the best thing you can do.  That's the sort of action that caused the movie to not make nearly as much money as it wanted to.  I don't even think they've covered their costs yet.  That gets more results that online harassment campaigns ever could.

Oh wait, that's all part of that stupid hype I said I wasn't going to talk about.  Enough about that.  Now I'll get back to the movie's merits or lack of merits from this point on.

The overall story does in no way come close to the fun and excitement of the original.  It's not horrible but it's mores just bland and forgettable.  For one I felt no urgency when the villain was revealed.  Maybe it's because the actor who played him was boring or his part wasn't written all that well.  I just felt nothing for him.  I felt no sympathy when he talked about his hard life nor was I ever fearful of his villainy.  He was just kind of there and then he was gone after he was defeated and I didn't care one bit which is not a positive aspect of an antagonist.
I'd also like to say something at this time about the movie's director Paul Feig.  He's good at what he does, but based on this and other movies he's made, he seems to have a fiery hot intense anger towards his own penis.  I think he might even want to murder it and I suspect he might attempt it someday.  Did he witness his penis torturing a puppy at some point?  I don't know.  Whatever is going on, I think Mr. Feig and his penis need to sit down on a soft padded couch and have a nice long talk to work out their differences before he makes any more movies.  That would do a great service to Hollywood, his friends, his relatives, his co-workers, the general public, and mostly his penis because it won't get murdered.

I am indeed aware that many feminists have elevated this movie to loftier heights than it deserves and that is inspires others to direct heaps of vitriol towards it.  In essence this movie is the Lisa Lionhearted doll.

 The feminists who wanted this movie to be made and actually paid money to see it, didn't even care if it was successful or even if it was crafted well in any way.  All they wanted was something to make them feel good about their ideology and give them the illusion that they're "inspiring little girls everywhere".  (Most of these people of course completely forgot about those strong women characters in that Mad Max movie from last year.) Because they believe that hard enough, that is essentially what they got.  I say let them have it.  The more time they spend watching this movie on Netflix or Blueray or wherever, the less time they'll spend online complaining about how everything we say or do or create is "sexist" or "problematic" or any other buzz words they'll mash together to trick themselves into thinking they've said something profound.  We should make more of these "feminist-niche" movies to distract them.  They could take the Y chromosome out of other masculine movie franchises like maybe have a female Rambo or an all female version of the Godfather (the Godmother possibly?).  How about a feminized version of Die Hard?  Could you imagine Lena Dunham shooting up a building full of terrorists shouting "YIPPEE KAI YAY, FATHERFUCKERS!!!"?

If you found that last paragraph an "insult to women" that's because it kind of was.  For real, making 'girl versions of supposedly guy things' is not an effective way to elevate women in the movie industry, quite the opposite in fact.  By making these, women are basically saying "we wish we could do what the guys are doing".  Instead, you need to make movies that guys wish they could make.  Sigourney Weaver's character Ripley in the movie Aliens is a good example.  More like that need to be made.  And of course, in the case of Aliens, both men and women worked on that movie in front of and behind the camera.  Therefore, it's not just a 'guy movie' or a 'girl movie' it is simply 'a movie' to be enjoyed by all.
I guess that right there is what you need, just have both men and women involved in quality products.  The best way to do that is to let both men and women succeed and/or fail based on their own merits without being at all judgemental.

I think that's all I need to say about this movie.  If you enjoyed it, good for you.  Keep enjoying it at your leisure.  If you didn't enjoy it or still refuse to see it, that's fine too.  Just simply continue to not see it and resist giving this movie more free publicity by complaining about it.  That way everybody is happy (except for the people who lost money on it, but I'm sure they'll recoup their losses eventually).  Plus the classic original Ghostbusters still exists for all to enjoy.  I suggest you revisit Venkman and Egon and Slimer and the rest of the gang to keep you feeling that all is right with the world.

Everybody happy? Alright!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Keep On Truckin' Black Pussy

I just got back from this venue.  The band known as Black Pussy quite thoroughly rocked the house tonight at Cloud 9.

I'm blogging about this because of the controversy surrounding this band.  I'll elaborate on that here for the benefit of anyone who doesn't know.  You see, they were originally supposed to perform at a bar called The Exchange.  However, the management there had second thoughts about and made the following statement about it:

Yep, they actually said that.  In a truly free society,  NOTHING supersedes anybody's artistic freedom ESPECIALLY someone or some group's objection to that artistry.  The Exchange really dropped the ball with their attempt at virtue signalling and their sudden puritanical attitude.  Thankfully, Cloud 9 has the open mind to pick up that fumbled ball and do the decent thing.
But they're not the only ones who have strong objections to the band's name.  Here's Black Pussy's lead singer Dustin Hill defending the band's name to a crowd of angry people.

Ok, no.  This is not appropriation.  Black women did not en masse go to the "Cultural Patent Office" and all chip in to pay for trademarking their genitals.  The band's members Dustin Hill, Adam Pike, Ryan Mcintire,  and Chief O'Dell have every right to call themselves Black Pussy.
According to legend, the band got their name from a Rolling Stones song.  The song Brown Sugar was originally going to be called "Black Pussy".  Then someone in a suit at the record company considered that to be too much, so Mick and the boys had to change it to the more mentally digestible Brown Sugar.  It looks as though naming their band Black Pussy was their way of both correcting that bit of unfortunate bit of censorship from the past and firmly establishing that they will not be censored either.  If anyone tells Black Pussy to change their name to "something less provocative that my grandchildren can enjoy" they will of course respond to that with a resounding NOOOOOOOOO followed by the displaying of 1 out of 5 fingers, the gluteal muscles, and several minutes of pantomiming the more intricate positions of the Kama Sutra.

For anyone who's coming here to say "oh well you're not black or a woman so of course you're not offended blah blah chu chu", none of that matters.  If, say, for equality's sake, there was a gangsta rap group that "appropriated" white culture by calling themselves "Droopy Little White Penises That Just Came Out Of The Pool", I would be more than fine with that.

It's dope, dog. For all the shizilz.

So to anyone who, after reading this, STILL has a conscientious objection to this band's name you are beneath contempt and should really just stop experiencing art in any form altogether because your brain is obviously not developed enough to handle it.

For those of you good people who are capable of appreciating art in any form (like music as an example) then I have embedded a Black Pussy performance below.  Enjoy them in all of their glory.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I ain't 'fraid o' no Ghostbusters trailer

So this trailer was released recently...

...and thousands (possibly millions) of people went beyond apeshit over it.  If there was an outdoor concert like Woodstock or Coachella just for apes and there was only one porta-john and all the concession stands only sold bran muffins and prunes, that's the equivalent to the amount of apeshit people threw when they saw this thing.

People like this guy...

Don't mind him.  He's just trying to be the Bill O'Reilly of Canada (as if we need that).

I personally find all of the backlash to this trailer ridiculous.  It amazes me that so many people can tell what the entire movie is all about just from the few second clips they've seen.  They don't need to actually see the movie.  They all possess this 'magic clairvoyance' that allows them to see into the future.  Or maybe they all took turns using Doc Brown's time travelling car to go to the summer of 2016, see the movie, and then travel back to warn us all.  If that second one is true then why don't they just travel back to the summer of 1984 and see the original Ghostbusters film?  Or just watch their copy on DVD or Blueray or find it on Netflix?  It would save us all a lot of aggravation.

There were two groups of people who really got irked by this movie.  The first being the MRA types (the ones who campaign for men's right).

They felt the entire thing was some sort of "politically correct" attempt to empower women at the expense of men or something like that.  (If someone could enlighten me on their full argument say in the comment section at the end of this blog, I would be grateful.)  
I disagree with their position for a few reasons.  The first reason makes me a bit sick to my stomach to say it and I will feel as though a need a strong chemical bath afterwards.  You have been warned.  Anyway, here it goes...


Political correctness can be fine at certain times but just so long as it's not intrusive. (Ugh! I can taste the bile in my throat already).  I know that sounds contrary to the pro-free speech and egalitarian things I've posted on this blog, my original blog, and in both of my comic books (plus more to come) but hear me out.  I'll use the example of a relatively brand new show called How To Get Away With Murder.

The star of that show is a black woman named Viola Davis.  It could have easily starred a white male, or a white female, or an Asian pony (but not without rubbing peanut butter on her gums first) but they ultimately went with a black female.  It's probably a good bet that a certain amount of 'political correctness' went into making that casting decision.  However, the result of this is simply a talented actress finding steady work and, in this case, getting appropriately awarded for her talents.  That's exactly what would happen if a talented person of any race or gender were hired for this role.  That's called equality.
The times when political correctness gets very intrusive and cancerous is when people either mess with the classics (and in some cases completely suppress them) or vehemently dictate their demands on artists as they're making their creations.  For instance, Pepe Le Pew has been absolutely ravaged by political correctness.  For my full analysis of Pepe Le Pew, please consult this blog post I did many years ago.

Speaking of talented women getting the recognition they deserve, this brings me to the main reason I want to see this film and why I don't share in the disdain for it at all.  I absolutely enjoy all the comedic women starring in this movie.  No, I am not just saying that in an effort to appear like some "empathetic feminist" in an effort to get laid or whatever.  I'm a happily engaged man with a beautiful and amazing Filipina fiancee.  I don't need to do any of that.  I am  genuinely entertained by the very funny women in this movie.
I am definitely NOT one of those people who think that "only men can be comedians".  Anyone who thinks that "only men can" and "only women can't" obviously has no idea how comedy works.  The mostly unwritten rules that people have uncovered and utilized over the centuries can be applied by anyone, not just certain genders or races of people.  One of the great Gilda Radner's many rules for her comedy is to simply "do what the boys are doing".  It's as simple as that.
Of course women performing comedy is not anything new.  Mabel Normand was dazzling people with her comedie del art abilities back when Lucille Ball was still a toddler.

I could go on listing a lot of names of women who have consistently made amusing and hilarious comedic performances throughout history, but this blog post is getting long as it is.  So right now I will just showcase the women starring in this movie and go over why they are worth watching on both big and small screens alike.

Kristen Wiig

I adore the quirky genius she puts into everything she does.  Like all great comedic performers, she's not afraid to look crazy.  When I first saw her in a sketch on Saturday Night Live back in about 2006 my immediate thought was "why wasn't she hired sooner?"  It almost felt like Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining a little bit, in that in a way 'she has always been at SNL and will always continue to be at SNL in either body or spirit'.  It's no wonder that her screenplay for Bridesmaids was nominated for an Oscar.  If I had my way, she would get all of the awards.  I am very enthusiastic about seeing her contribution to this new Ghostbusters movie.

Melissa McCarthy

She pretty much rocketed to stardom with her performance in Bridesmaids.  If you saw her performance in that you can easily understand why.  Like Wiig, McCarthy is also a fearless performer who willfully does whatever the scene requires.  No, I'm not just talking about the 'diarrhea in the sink scene', I'm talking about the whole movie.  Whether it was hitting on a guy in an airplane bathroom or giving Wiig's character the literal bite in the ass she needed, McCarthy just nailed every line from every scene she did adding more personality than anyone could have thought possible.  Even in movies she was in afterwards that didn't have stellar scripts or competent direction or whatever, she still does an excellent job that worth watching.  I'm looking forward to seeing her bring those same abilities to this movie.

Kate McKinnon

When I first saw her on SNL in the Spring of 2012, I felt rather sorry for her.  For one thing, when she was hired she was advertised as "Saturday Night Live's first lesbian cast member".  That is such a huge weight to thrust upon anyone's shoulders.  She was pretty much forced to represent the entire LGBT community AND put up with the stigma of "oh she's just a token so she obviously wasn't hired for her talent".  So poor Kate was practically forced to work 10 times harder than anyone else since her first sketch.  Her first two shows (which were the last two shows of that season) were harrowing indeed.  I think she was feeling that pressure.  I was even afraid she wouldn't last.  But, thankfully for herself and the whole entertainment industry, she didn't let that get her down and continued to persevere.  Now, not only is she still a valued cast member that many people love to watch every week, she's received Emmy nominations for her work on SNL two years in a row.  Just her Justin Bieber impression by itself has given her this well deserved attention.  If her performance in this movie is even a quarter as good as her Bieber, she will be so much fun to watch come this summer.

Leslie Jones

At this point I'll bring up the other despicable group of assholes that spat their bile all over this movie trailer.  It's those GODDAMN SHEEP-FUCKING SHIT-LICKING ISIS-SUCKING VOMIT-EATING DANGLING SCROTAL PUSTULES also known as SJW's!!!


This is where the online critique of this trailer gets really bizarre.  The same people that initially praised it as "female empowerment" later condemned it for racism because of what they saw of Leslie Jones' performance.
NO!  Fuck you, assholes.  Leslie is not some Stepin Fetchit you can throw under a bus.  She is letting her feelings out through her comedy without holding back and is always hilarious.  If you're too fucking dense to see that then you can just turn around and take a nice long walk into the ocean.  You can attempt to spread your censorious ass-hattery to any passing hammerhead shark and see what happens to you.
I will always be in Leslie Jones' corner.  Like many people, I was blown away by her first Weekend Update rant on SNL.

She rattled everyone's cage with that one.  Afterwards on Twitter, she defended her rant against SJWs like a bear with ninja training and The Force defends her asthmatic autistic cub.  She is an unstoppable ball of comedic fire.  So, for that reason, I will always be in her corner whether she wants me there or not.  Also, I am emphatically looking forward to the verbal dynamite she will unleash on everyone in that movie.  That is going to be a rollercoaster of awesomeness!!!

 Yeah, I guess I can end this post here.  I'll just make one last plea for all of this movie's detractors to please pull the massive sticks out of your asses and let this movie either fly or crash on its own merits.  Forget your stifling narrow-minded agenda and just let the movie be what it is.  At the very least see the entire thing before you conclude whether it sucks or not.

To get everybody in a movie watching mood, I'll post the original Ghostbusters theme song.  Enjoy everyone!  See you at the movies!