Saturday, August 8, 2015

Darn Old Trump

I'm sure by now everyone's seen and heard this little clip of Donald Trump responding to Megan Kelly's question at the GOP debates:

Wow! The way he was browbeating her it was like she was a cop kicking in his door and he was a greasy slob wearing nothing but a dirty wife-beater and some even dirtier gitch violently resisting arrest.

Bad boys! Bad boys.... etc.

But besides his egregious defence of his indefensible behaviour, something else he said struck a chord with me.  He actually used the term "political correctness" to both dismiss Kelly's criticism and excuse what he has said.  It absolutely irks me because I hate political correctness as much as the next free thinker in a healthy democracy.  I even created a few monkeys that serve to expose and attack all of this political correctness, or as Seth MacFarlane called it, the "outrage industry".  Trump's remarks here are more of a setback than a help to that cause.  Now more people will associate him with that and say "Hey, if political correctness keeps Trump from talking then I'm all for it."

No! The main purpose of destroying political correctness is so that everyone, not just white males, can speak their minds, create their movies, books, plays or youtube videos without any fear of reprisal.  That absolutely gives everyone the freedom to criticize whatever they wish as well also with no fear, just so long as that incessant criticism doesn't lead to cancellation, the making of a pariah, or even jail time.  Nobody should get the same treatment as rapists and murderers just for saying words or creating art.

For comparison, here are some examples of some gloriously politically incorrect material:

George Carlin - The Seven Words by AlbertinaChavers

Ah, the master himself George Carlin.  He was very vocal about his hatred of political correctness on many occasions.  He hated its pretentious notion that softening the language will somehow soften the content, such as referring to 'death' as 'passing away'.

Sarah Silverman tells Mark Wahlberg to shut up... by ChristOlaf

The great Sarah Silverman! Mad Magazine once referred to her as a "venom-tongued hottie".  I can agree with that.  In this clip she's so raw and out-spoken she even makes Mark Wahlburg cringe.

From Blazing Saddles!  If movie executives saw footage like this in their dailies today, they would be nervously dripping all manner of fluid into many many buckets.

Bigots by Daffyduckandthedinosaur

Here's a sketch that would get so many people in alot of trouble if done today.  They seem to be gleefully defying the very essence of political correctness back when it was still relatively young.

Bugs Bunny - Southern Fried Rabbit (1953 Banned... by DemonPreyer1

 And now here's some wonderfully "incorrect" stuff from Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam. It even has a big ol' Confederate flag in it.

What all of those examples have in common is that they all expressed an uncomfortable truth.  It's a truth that's not always attractive, but an avenue must be left open for it to be said.  A society grows richer when all types of ideas are allowed to flow.
This brings me back to Mr. Trump's remarks.  The only truth they revealed is that he is an over-ripe man-child with his head firmly up his ass at all times and is woefully ill-equipped  to handle criticism.  While they are certainly allowed to be spoken in a free society, they are not above ridicule.  His use of the term "politcal correctness" was just an attempt to make himself appear more noble like that examples I cited above (plus many more great examples that I wish I had enough bandwidth to include).  But, his only retaliation in the face of any critiques are childish ad-hominems like "pig" and "slut", etc.  He's not even able to challenge the ideas presented to him by Megan Kelly, Rosie O'Donnell, or anyone else.  He goes right to the name-calling and thinks that's enough.

At this time I'd like to bring up another incident, somewhat involving Donald Trump, that Donald could have used to support his claim of political correctness ruining things.  Does anyone remember a beauty contestant named Carrie Prejean?

She was Miss California back in 2009.  In the question portion of the pageant she was asked about her opinion of same sex marriage.  Her answer included 'marriage is between a man and a woman'.  She was rather abruptly removed from the pageant entirely based on that answer.  That entire situation was wrong.  I'm not referring to her opinion on gay marriage.  I don't agree with it myself but she has every right to that opinion.  The wrong part is that the question should not have been asked, and definitely not asked in that way.  The judge asking that question was fishing for the 'politically correct' answer there and held the attitude of "you'd better say it or else...".  But, in her naivete, she gave her honest answer instead saying what that judge wanted to hear, and she paid a huge price for it.
Donald did come to her defense.  However, he did not site any of the issues I stated here, he simply said "Carrie is extremely beautiful".  Inversely, when Rosie O'Donnell joked about him during that brief time she was on The View, Trump's response was "Rosie is fat and ugly".  That just shows how simply his mind works.  In his mind, any lady he deems 'beautiful' is valuable to him while any lady he does not see in that way is worthless and not worth considering.  A simple philosophy for a simple mind.

I guess my basic message with this blog post is this.  Feel free to enjoy the demented circus that is Donald Trump's candidacy and even indeed his life.  But, for the love of everything sacred (I think there are 2 or 3 things left that are), please do NOT associate him with anything relevant.  And absolutely do NOT associate him with the presidency.  To any ladies reading this, if you are one of the unfortunates who has been called a "dirty pig" by this man, consider it a compliment.  All it means is that you bruised his childish ego enough that he had to immediately pull a word out of his 'insult hat' and possibly even caused his brain to be put to use for once.
Frankly, I'm glad to be associated with all of you courageous women who have stood up to that asshole.

AAAAWWWWWWW!!!  Am I being compared to Donald Trump again.  I'm always put with the worst people.

So, to the American voting public I say, if Trump does indeed become the Republican candidate, or even if he doesn't, please disregard him and anything he says as the childish jabbering that it is.

I'll end this post with Seth Meyers giving Trump the roast he deserves.  Enjoy!

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